Ivan continues to reveal his personality as he explores and learns to communicate. This morning while I took my bath he got into the tea box. I heard him crying as I was preparing to go downstairs. As I was coming down I saw this mess surrounding him as he reached for the last box of tea still in the big box on the shelf. He was crying because he couldn’t reach it to throw it to the floor.

Once I got some breakfast out for the boys I sat down to feed Ivan but as has been his habit of late he cried with each bite and reached for the spoon. He was making it nearly impossible to feed him and I finally gave in to his determination allowing him to feed himself. What a mess! It really didn’t take that long to clean up, just peel the pajamas off and wipe everything else down with a wet cloth.

So Much to Cry About

It seems like Ivan has been sick every other weekend. He hasn’t missed a lot of church but it is always a question whether or not we should go and I know that a lot of it has to do with the stage we are in and getting more teeth. This morning I rocked him for about 15 minutes after he got up and held his fevered head up on my shoulder and prayed for him. There is nothing more frustrating I think, in this stage of parenting, than to be unable to make it better. Of course I know who can, and of course I’ve stood on the Word that speaks so clearly that he is well and whole and healed. But it is also a test of patience I think, as I rest not only in the knowledge of God’s power over sickness but God’s plan for Ivan. The fact that sickness now provides immunity later and if I can be strong and not falter during these times, I can also provide an atmosphere of peace that will not fail him or me in future trials. I strongly believe that if I do not react with fear and worry over my children’s trifles, no matter how seriously it bothers me at the time, they will have a greater foundation for handling life’s battles in years to come. So I rock, and I sing, and I pray, but I – will – not – fear. Psalm 46:1-3

Attempts at Communication

Ivan has been trying harder to talk. I hear him repeating syllables and sounds more frequently and with more accuracy lately. Just a moment ago he was in the high chair and pointed down and said “gah!”

I said, “do you want down?”

He pointed again and said “dah!”

It doesn’t sound like much but I am proud of his effort. Yesterday, he tried to say ball “bah!” and lately when he wants food he says “eeeh!” I don’t know if that’s please or eat but I’m enjoying his very different progress from the things Owen did. It’s been so fun to learn with each one.

Unfortunately he’s also been sick today. He spilled the graham crackers in the Stein Mart parking lot just before I put him in the van…thank God it was before and not after. Then again in his crib a little while ago. He doesn’t act very sick but I’m trying to keep him still and satisfied with bland foods. He still wants to eat. I guess that’s good.

First Haircut

Shaggy, shaggy, shaggy. Ivan needed a haircut. Saturday we all went to SuperCuts to get both boys trimmed and handsome again.
Owen stepped up first to give Ivan the encouragement of knowing it’s safe and then Ivan was called to the chair. He was very tired which probably helped because he sat very still and didn’t complain. I was actually surprised by this. Not that he’s a wild child or anything but I expected some fighting while shiny objects were placed close to his head. The lady who cut his hair was patient and sweet stroking his head and helping him to feel comfortable first. He looks much more boyish now which was part of the reason I was putting it all off, I don’t like that quick transition from baby to boy with the snip of the scissors. Thankfully the chubby cheeks and pacifier are strong enough counters to the well trimmed head.

He is sporting the new do with pride and taking on new challenges all the time. He is consistently downing as much and sometimes more food than Owen in half the time and has a very aggressive desire for whatever anyone else might be eating as well. He is still crawling but his skills at cruising are improving and his desire to walk has increased. I think he still views it as beyond him. That will change all too soon I’m afraid. In talking to a friend of ours from church whose son was as cuddly as Ivan has been, she explained that as soon as he started walking, all the cuddling went away. How sad. He is definitely very affectionate and I enjoy our little quiet moments in the rocking chair. Maybe it won’t be that way with Ivan. I can always hope.

Ivan Tries to Talk

Ivan has been pretty comfortable in his vocabulary free existence but I am noticing some attempts at words more and more lately. Kris set up an aquarium in the kitchen and told me that Ivan was trying to say “fish”, he got the “f” sound out. He says “bye-bye” but it sounds more like “nye-nye” or “lye lye” maybe a combination of those. He said “daddy” the other day and though he isn’t consistent he can say “mommy” as well. I think we’ll probably hear whatever version of “Owen” he will adopt soon because he is beginning to follow the poor boy around and tries desperately to play with him. This morning I was changing his diaper and said “Oooh, full diaper!” with the oooh coming out in a high pitched tone. He immediately responded with his own high pitched squeal followed by “pah” which I assume was his attempt at saying diaper. It’s not much but I was excited for him.

He is also showing interest in walking but is not in a big hurry. He loves to be walked with as I hold up his hands and allow him to direct me where he wants to go. He is also getting up on his hands and knees and then extending his legs so that he is on his hands and feet. I suppose this will soon lead to being hands free. Who knows what will happen then.

Ivan Strikes Back

Owen has done very well regarding jealousy toward Ivan and the attention I must divide between them. Other than the occasional request to be held when it is obvious that I am busy with Ivan he has been pretty tolerant. Yesterday and today however, Ivan has taken on the role of possessive brother and begun pushing his way around.

The boys both wake up around 6:30 normally and Owen will often come to my room and try to crawl into bed with me if he gets up first. I usually allow this and cuddle with him until we hear the cry from the crib announcing that Ivan is up. The past couple of mornings it has been Ivan that wakes first and I am up and heading toward his crib when Owen greets me in the hall or outside the bathroom. I am usually very tired and this morning was no exception as both of them had me up several times in the night with bad dreams or bad coughs. I sat on the couch both boys in tow and cradled them both as best I could. This allows them to snuggle and I can sit still and even close my eyes for a few minutes before really digging into the day. Ivan will usually lay his head on my shoulder and rest still while Owen wrestles about talking and fidgeting constantly. Yesterday morning as Owen was trying to get comfortable. Ivan turns his head toward him and gets a bit of an angry look and then thrusts his hand toward Owen’s head and pushes him away. Owen and I were both a bit shocked and I chastised him a bit. This morning he did it again and seemed to be quite determined to get big brother off of mommy so that he could have her to himself. I had to really get on to him and of course before it was over they were both crying. I guess my snuggly mornings will be over soon but it was fun while it lasted.

Birthday Party

While in Florida we decided to celebrate Ivan’s birthday. He will actually turn 1 on Wednesday of this week but since we were close to the date and spending time with family it made sense to go ahead and have a little party.

After diving into the cake and getting all that sweet frosting in his mouth, Grandma put a strawberry on top of what was left of the cake. Ivan took the bait immediately and this was the result.

I would never have guessed how sour that strawberry tasted, nor would I have imagined anyone could sustain a pucker as long as he did. We could not stop laughing. Poor baby.


Ivan has been trying to communicate lately. Over the past couple of weeks he has perfected Mama, uh eh (uh oh) and Dada. He repeats syllables and sounds but you have to really be paying attention to even realize he’s doing it. I especially notice him repeating Owen. I love hearing his little gibberish and expect to have lists and lists of attempted words for you to read soon.

He is not walking yet and we are still working on getting some teeth. The two on the bottom are the only ones that have appeared. He will be one year next Wednesday and it is hard to believe the little guy is that old. I think he’s absolutely adorable and still such a baby. The longer he continues to scoot around on his belly, the better.