Ivan had his first waffle this morning. He has been a good eater thus far. I have been trying different things with him and he definitely has his likes and dislikes but for the most part he eats what I give him. I hadn’t tried anything quite this dense before today but I figured it would be soft enough and dissolve quickly so I wasn’t afraid to try it. He really enjoyed it which caused me to try a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch time. Fun, fun, fun! He loved it. I like peanut butter and jelly but my boys really love peanut butter and jelly. I think they get it from Kris.

Since I last posted, Ivan has been getting around faster but still not up on his knees crawling. I think he has so settled into this scooting motion that he doesn’t really want to make the switch…too much effort. I’ve seen him crawl but he always settles back onto his belly.

He is almost 11 months and that means I have a birthday party to plan. We will be in Florida the week before his birthday so we’ll definitely have to do something with Grandma and Granddaddy. I don’t know if we’ll do something here in Nashville or not.


He sat there with his hands full of veggie puffs staring straight ahead as if he were waiting for the yummy snack to move from his fingers to his mouth automatically. He had done this before…”let’s see, the process is…load the hands…then load the mouth…why isn’t this working?” Until Owen took the pacifier out of his mouth he could not eat. He just kept sucking and holding his hand up there. He didn’t complain just sat patiently waiting for the obstruction to go away.

Two Teeth

I do not have pictures of them because he is insistent on keeping his bottom lip over them but Ivan does have two teeth coming through. The second one started breaking through about two days after the first one.

He has also started waving. It’s not on command but now and then his hand will just rise up, like he’s waiting to be called on in class and when we wave at him he’ll flap it up and down…that’s waving right?

His hair is getting longer and starting to stick up in the mornings when he wakes up. He looks pretty rough. His hair is sticking in all directions, red face, drool and sleepy in his eyes. He’ll be in his crib screaming and when I walk in, he turns all that beauty toward me and smiles real big. The nasty just melts away.

We are trying to get him to say “Dada” since he makes the sound anyway. He will often repeat it back to us but until yesterday I never heard him come close to “Mama”. Yesterday afternoon he was tired of being in his walker and started yelling “mamamamamamama!” So, we’re close.

First Tooth

I finally see the little white peaks of that first tooth coming through. Ivan has shown signs of teething for quite a while but until last week I couldn’t see any proof. He also stood up in his crib for the first time yesterday. He had been taking a nap and when I heard him cry and went to get him he had the biggest grin on his face and was standing at the end rail hanging on for dear life. We made him wait while Kris snapped pictures and he enjoyed every moment of it.

9 Months

Ivan is 9 months old today. I’m just now seeing the beginnings of teeth coming through. Owen waited as long to get teeth so it is no surprise for us. We have a 9 month well visit at the doctor’s office on Thursday so I’ll be sure to update his official report at that time, but unofficially he’s doing just fine.

He gets around very well, not technically crawling but the “up on all fours and dive forward” approach is serving him well for now. He has been eating Cheerios in the nursery at church I found out yesterday. I didn’t think they gave snacks to the kids who didn’t have teeth yet but apparently he’s been scavenging off the floor so they decided to put him at the table to avoid that scenario. I have tried giving him several things by spoon and so far he doesn’t like anything. Maybe it’s the spoon. He is saying Dada and all sorts of other little gibberish and seems to really enjoy taking in his surroundings. He especially likes to watch Owen do silly things. He is all giggles when Owen purposely runs into walls and falls down. This of course encourages the abuse to the walls and cupboards around the house. He does tend to be a bit clingy but he’s fun to hold and I won’t complain. His smile is absolutely adorable and his eyes give very intense looks.

Check back for more on this little bundle of energy we call Ivan.

Forward Motion

We have directed movement. Ivan has been very close to crawling for a couple of days now. Three times now I have watched him focus on something he wants, contort, scoot, twist and pull himself every which way and move himself forward toward the object until he gets it. I was able to catch it on video this morning so when I figure out how to put video on blogs I’ll add it to this post. Until then…you’ll just have to take my word for it.


ExersleeperTisra handed over their much used Exersaucer a while back with apologies as to it’s lack of fun attachments. No need for apology as Ivan loves what is available. I can count on at least 30 minutes of playtime when I put him in this thing. On Saturday I fed him and dropped him in it…he played for a while and then I noticed that there was no noise coming from the play room. Sure enough…he had fallen asleep. He began stirring soon after and I quickly transitioned him to a bed, but it was too cute not to snap a picture.

Sitting Up

Ivan SittingFor a few days now I have been putting Ivan in a sitting up position to let him play. Each day he holds himself up longer and longer. Today, he was quite the pro sitting at his play mat grabbing at things, looking around and remaining upright. He sat for so long he started crying because he was tired. I realized that he was stuck…he couldn’t let himself down without falling over.
Ivan Sitting
Owen has been more and more attentive to his little brother lately. He asks for him, lets me know when he’s crying, helps me with diaper changes and loves to retrieve fallen pacifiers. He will sing to him if he’s lonely, talk to him if it makes him laugh and generally entertain him with his play. Ivan thinks Owen is the greatest thing since sliced bread…there is a very obvious gleam in his eye when he watches his big brother do things.