100 Days

Tomorrow is Ivan’s 100th day of 1st Grade. To celebrate, each student is supposed to wear 100 of something. 100 buttons, stickers, hair bows, etc.

I bought a 100 pack of post it notes and will be scribbling down 100 words of affirmation for Ivan to wear tomorrow. I started looking for lists on the internet and found a few I could borrow from, but most of them were very humanistic and left out the fact that we humans are flawed and need grace. I did find some Scriptures that worked well, and though this isn’t exhaustive of all that God has for Ivan…here is his list:

1. I cast my cares on Him.
2. I am fearfully and wonderfully made
3. I care about others
4. I am good at math
5. I am a good reader
6. I am a fast learner
7. I am smart
8. I am full of good ideas
9. I am very creative
10. I am unique
11. I am excelling in karate
12. I am a good helper
13. I ask good questions
14. I can do anything God asks me to do
15. God has a plan for my life
16. I am a good brother
17. My mommy loves me
18. My daddy loves me
19. Aron loves me
20. Owen loves me
21. I am loved by God
22. I can find the bright side.
23. I can start over because Jesus died for me
24. I am created for a purpose
25. God listens to my prayers
26. I am blessed
27. I am truthful
28. I know the Way, the Truth, and the Life
29. I am forgiving
30. I can give thanks in everything
31. I can rejoice in any circumstance
32. The joy of the Lord is my strength
33. The Lord is my shepherd
34. I shall not want
35. He leads me beside still waters
36. He restores my soul
37. I am redeemed
38. I have a hope and a future
39. I am secure
40. I am protected
41. God has put His angels around me
42. I am a child of God
43. God works all things for my good because I love Him
44. I can cast all my cares on God
45. My God shall supply ALL my needs
46. God’s grace is sufficient
47. My joyful heart is like good medicine
48. I am transformed by the renewing of my mind
49. I WAS crucified with Christ
50. I am on my way to heaven
51. I am a good friend
52. I am a good listener
53. I express myself well
54. I make friends easily
55. I have lots of friends who love me
56. I play well with others
57. I am healthy
58. I am strong
59. I am in great shape
60. I treat my body well
61. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit
62. I can know the will of God
63. I am forgiven
64. I can give a soft answer
65. I bear the fruit of love
66. I bear the fruit of joy
67. I bear the fruit of peace
68. I bear the fruit of patience
69. I bear the fruit of kindness
70. I bear the fruit of goodness
71. I bear the fruit of faithfulness
72. I bear the fruit of gentleness
73. I bear the fruit of self-control
74. I know how to be full
75. I know how to lack
76. I am content
77. I love Jesus
78. I have nothing to fear
79. I can take every thought captive
80. I am known by my fruit
81. My heart is not troubled
82. I am cleansed from all unrighteousness
83. I can bless those who curse me
84. I am pressing on toward the goal
85. I know the Word of God
86. I am drawing near to God
87. I am justified
88. I am glorified
89. God is for me
90. No one can be against me
91. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world
92. I look toward the things that are unseen
93. I wear the helmet of salvation
94. I wear the breastplate of righteousness
95. I wear the belt of truth
96. I carry the sword of the Spirit
97. I carry the shield of faith
98. I walk in the shoes of peace
99. I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living
100. I die daily, that I might live in Christ

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