Kindergarten Christmas Party

Ivan’s Kindergarten Christmas party was a lot of fun. His teacher makes sure there is something for everyone to do and see and keeps the kids involved and in order the whole time. It’s impressive.

I took the camera along and was able to get a few shots of Ivan enjoying himself. Aron and I were going back and forth between Owen’s party and Ivan’s party, so we missed a few things but they both had a great time and didn’t miss us much.

I watched Ivan in full focus as he cut out the hands for his angel project.

They had traced their own hands and then attached the cut out version onto a strip of tissue paper attached to a plate with a face on it. He loved it, flimsy as it was he took it outside to play with it when we got home.

After the craft, it was time to eat:

The food everyone brought was so pretty and colorful. Ivan filled his plate on his own because I was in Owen’s room and I got there just as he was finishing at the buffet. He cleaned his plate too. He was so happy with himself. The pictures above show his satisfaction.

This picture was taken just five minutes after the others. He looked at me and said, “mom, I think I ate too much.” Later in the afternoon when lunch was eminent, he said, “nothing sweet for me!”

All the kids were asked to buy a book for someone in their class of the same gender. They were asked to wrap the books and then a game was used to exchange the books to a random classmate. The girls went first and then the small group of four boys. Ivan was giddy. He loved the game and when he opened a Sponge Bob book, he squealed and got up and ran across the room to show it to me. The funny thing was I wasn’t across the room, I was standing about four feet away from him taking his picture.

He had a great time. So grateful for the school, teachers and parents who work so hard to make those days happen.

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