Ivan and Aron have both been using echos in their pretend.  This morning I heard Ivan pretending to be Spider Man or something because I heard…

“He got caught in my WEB!, web!, web!”  The sound trailing off as each word was said.

I love to sit downstairs and just listen to their candid play conversations.  They are really entertaining.

Ivan is especially creative and expressive.  I marvel at how he was the one that took the longest to start talking, but he is the one who seems to express himself the most passionately.  Owen explains things well, Ivan seems to make me feel things.

They all love to quote movies and characters.  They love to sing, and songs easily become part of their play and pretend.  Ivan takes it a step further by often bursting into praise and worship with no prompting other than his own joy.  He will make songs up and march around the house shouting out the goodness and power of God.

When I hear Ivan sing I am not convinced that he has a great voice but I am confident that music will always be a part of his life in some form.  Music touches him deeply and it doesn’t have to have instruments or any specific style.  The other night as we were driving home from a friends house I was fielding questions and we got on the topic of what we sang when I was a little girl.  I was explaining hymns and hymnals.  Aron begged me to sing songs from the book and Ivan began to cry as I was singing.  I stopped, thinking he was being whiny and wanting to listen to a CD.  I asked him what he wanted and he wouldn’t answer.  Aron wanted to hear another hymn so I began again.  This time I ignored Ivan’s whimpers and just sang the old songs as they came to mind.  We began to talk again as we drove and Ivan spoke up.  “Mom, I wasn’t crying because I didn’t like the songs you were singing.  I was just crying because those songs MADE me cry.  Something happened to me.”

I really didn’t know what to say to that.  Part of me was suspicious of his being overdramatic, but what would make a five year old boy describe his feelings that way?  Worship is moving.  I can remember being quite young and hearing all the people in my church singing “Hallelujah” over and over, the music wasn’t necessary, just voices lifted up, sometimes harmonizing, sometimes poorly delivered, but I felt something too.   Like I was in the middle of a river that moved but never overpowered us.  I was involved but couldn’t help stopping to observe the unity and I didn’t want to leave it.  It wasn’t that the people of my church sang beautifully, it was the atmosphere of true worship.

I believe Ivan felt that the other night.  I wasn’t just singing old songs.  Those songs are treasures to my soul, and my spirit is awakened by the powerful words expressed in hymns.  Ivan, in his creative and sensitive soul, felt it with me.

Echos.  When Ivan is pretending, his echos go from loud to soft.  I am beginning to think that spiritual echos passed from a generation of worshipers to the next and the next, will get more powerful, louder and louder and louder.

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