Ivan began the summer with the observation that he likes curls. He has noticed how Aron’s hair curls and he admires it. He asked me if his hair would curl and it does, but only selectively. I told him that it had to be long enough to begin with.

This was enough for him to beg me to allow him to grow his hair out so it would curl like Aron’s. I assured him it would not be the same and I knew I was in for a lot of scruffy days but I allowed it. His hair is a totally different texture than Owen or Aron and when it is uncombed it really looks crazy, but it is such a beautiful blond and his bright eyes make up for a lot. I hope.

Anyway…I took a few pictures this weekend right after a nap. We have since trimmed it a bit.

I still allowed him to wear it a little long and the stylist at the barber shop styled it nicely for him yesterday. I think he was adorable.

He still is for that matter.