Stuff Ivan Says

The following quips and quotes are copied directly from my facebook posts over the past several months. Ivan has been my favorite subject as he is at an age of unbelievable insight. Enjoy!

February 23, 2010: In response to my constant begging for him to always stay little, Ivan (4) told me the other day that if I kiss him on the cheek, he’ll stop growing. My pleasure!

March 13, 2010: Ivan (4): “Mom, to God we’re small as mice, but not you. To God, you’re like a cat…or something…a dog?”

March 29, 2010: Yesterday on the way to church Ivan (4) started talking about the trees and how much he likes them. He ended his little observation with this gem: “…when I grow up, I’m going to hug those trees.” Oh Dear!

March 31, 2010: We had a babysitter last night and Ivan (4) told her (among other things) that I let him sleep without underwear. Why this is even something he wanted to do, I don’t know, but thankfully, she didn’t fall for it.

April 1, 2010: This morning I told the boys we are meeting some friends from FL tomorrow. The dad and mom are Chris and Christy. After explaining all the details of our plans, Ivan sat quietly for a minute then piped up with “I’m going to get mixed up with that mom and dad.” He meant their names, but I pictured him having some sort of confrontation with them and it made me laugh.

April 9, 2010: Ivan was not pleased when he found out all the eggs from Easter were boiled. Still thinking I was doing this to irritate him he told me, “if you boil any more of my Easter eggs, I’m going to move to another house.”

April 16, 2010: Owen and Ivan were playing with play money and I heard Ivan say…”It’s magic money.” Owen asked how it is magic and Ivan replied, “It disappears!” *** So that’s what’s been happening. I haven’t been spending too much…I’ve been using magic money. Mystery solved.

April 23, 2010: Ivan (4): “Mommy, now I know that God is bigger than the sun, because God can bright the whole world and the sun can’t!”

April 24, 2010: Mere moments after telling me that he didn’t like any girls but me, Ivan saw a high school girl in her prom dress and announced: “When I get big, I’m going to get one like that.”

April 26, 2010: After a brief conversation about my high school years where I admitted that my friends and I used to go around looking for boys, Ivan said in a very satisfactory tone: “And now, you found me.”

May 11, 2010: Me: “Ivan, what do you want for lunch?” Ivan: “Macaroni and cheese!” Me: “We don’t have any.” Ivan: “Okay…what are the chooses?”

May 11, 2010: Must be I have boys: On the way home from picking Owen (6) up from school Ivan (4) says, “You know I’m smarter than you Owen,” followed closely by Aron (2), “Well I’m bigger than you Ivan!”

May 11, 2010: Ivan (4) just told Kris: “Owen just had a dream that was almost against the law.”

May 12, 2010: Ivan was upset with me for putting the flower he picked for me near the window where bad guys would break in and steal it. I told him bad guys don’t steal flowers. He said, “Oh…yeah…bad GIRLS steal flowers.”

May 14, 2010: Ivan was given an old TV remote to play with and was telling me what the buttons are for. “If you press the green one you can watch green shows…if you press the red one you get ketchup.”

May 18, 2010: Ivan just brought me a Mrs. Potato head decked out in orange feet, big red lips, a monstrous oval red nose, blue glasses and a flowery visor and said, “It’s you mom! You CAN keep that! And wherever you go…you can take it with you. It’s just because I love you.”

June 5, 2010: Ivan wanted to know if the little packages on the tables were mints and when I opened them up and they were he said, “Yep, they are cements.” Owen couldn’t stop laughing long enough to eat his.

June 10, 2010: Ivan (4) was supposed to be napping today but somehow through the aid of his big brother he managed to make a silly band trade with the neighbor boy. He announced to me as he was getting out of his bed that he won’t be putting this one in his mouth because said neighbor boy was wearing it. Then he topped it with this…: “Mom, everyone has a different smell.”

July 12, 2010: Ivan prayed aloud for his brothers and cousins at bedtime tonight as he loves to do. Tonight he added this: “and God please make me a superhero when I get big. Amen.”