I have tried to keep up with the fun things the boys do, but it’s impossible to save it all. Sometimes I blog but don’t have pictures, sometimes I have pictures but never have time to write it out. Sometimes they do things that I think are just precious but I don’t think anyone else will understand, so I just try to treasure it in my own mind.

I came across these photos this morning and thought I’d share them here. I’ll save this on his blog as well. It’s nothing that incredible or even all that funny but it says something about Ivan to me and I want it preserved.

I found him napping this way the other day. He often makes a bed for his little kitty or whichever stuffed animal he chooses to sleep with. Usually he’ll wrap them in a blanket or lay them as comfortably as he can on a pillow and then cover them up with a blanket of some kind. This time, he somehow found it comforting, for himself and the kitty I suppose, to let the kitty nap inside his shirt. I never know what the process is that pushes Ivan to do the things he does. There are often strange but ordered piles of toys here and there, that have some meaning or significance to him. He talks very well, but doesn’t always explain himself or express his train of thought well, so sometimes I understand and sometimes his ways remain a mystery. This one seems pretty simple to me.

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