Just G’nore Him?

During nap time I often put Ivan and Aron in the same room. Ivan is used to the routine and is pretty obedient, but Aron has a little more trouble settling down some days. His first few days in a big boy bed were especially frustrating for him as the novelty of being in the same room as Ivan and the new bed were tempting him to play instead of rest. I specifically told Ivan not to talk to Aron. “Even if he talks to you,” I said, “don’t answer him, just be quiet.”

As I turned to go he had a last minute question. “Mommy, should I just g’nore him?”

He meant ignore of course, and without batting an eye, I nodded and said, “absolutely! Just g’nore him.”

He has said it again several times and I am too tickled to correct him.

His “r” and “l” sounds are still coming out as “w” and that’s been the source of some confusion. When he says “pway” is he wanting to pray or play? I have had arguments with the poor kid because I thought he was wanting to pway when it was time to pway.

Stuff I Shouldn’t

Last night as I was getting Owen ready for bed I chatted with Ivan who had already brushed his teeth and used the bathroom. He was sitting at the top of the ladder of his bunk bed and patiently waited for his brother to finish up so we could pray together and go to bed. Seemingly out of the blue he confessed to me, “Mommy, I like to eat stuff I shouldn’t eat.”

I looked at him with sympathy, completely understanding the desire for cookies or Cheetos or candy of some kind I responded, “Me too.”

He looked at me with surprise, so pleased that I dealt with the same temptation. He raised his eyebrows and with brightened eyes he asked, “You like to eat boogers too?”