I’ve been meaning to post some of the fun things that Ivan expresses and it is so hard to catch them and get them posted soon enough for my memory to keep the details. Lately I’ve been collecting them in a Word document in hopes of transferring it over when I’ve gathered a few good ones.

“I can’t see dem in my nocolurs.” while holding his fists up like he’s looking through binoculars after eating his dinner). I grabbed his hands to wash them…I washed, washing one hand at a time and his light hearted lament followed, “You bwoke my nocolurs.”

“I’m Handy Manny.” (With a straw behind his ear like Handy Manny’s pencil)
“Stop cwying baby tools” (talking to his imaginary tool set)
“It’s okay baby tools”

The “How ‘Bouts” He seems to wish to manipulate us but expressing his desires as if they are a really clever idea. He says these things with his eyebrows raised and a squeak in his voice as if he’s so excited by what he just thought of.
“How ‘bout I eat on the couch?”
“How ‘bout I lay down on the couch to west and watch Veggie Tales…that would be fun.”
“How ‘bout I put my stwaw in my bowl and drink my milk?” (after finishing all the cereal out of his bowl)
“How ‘bout Owen’s at work and daddy’s at school. And you and me and Aron is at Sunday school.”

Just some things I’ve heard him say. “I don’t need to pee pee training.”

“I can’t turn the water off, my hands are too drippelly.” (slippery)

“I wanted to go to JC Penney.” (as we’re leaving the shopping center at Providence) We just thought this was funny because we had never thought of Penney’s as a place the kids were excited about.

“Get some more box of cwackers?” (When asked what daddy was getting at the grocery store.)

“Wal-mart will sleep in Aron’s room.” (Referring to Owen’s stuffed kitten toy, Sonic, who he repeatedly calls Wal-mart instead of Sonic.)

“I’m happy that you wove me.” (After leaving the train station where he was upset because the “ticket man” didn’t wave at him. I asked him if he was at least happy that he got to see the train. No…he wasn’t…but he was happy that I love him.)

“you are twying to be Noah.” (To a nursery worker wearing a Santa hat at church. All Santa’s are thought to be Noah.)
He also asked me, “Why does Noah laugh ‘Ho, ho, ho?’“

He often repeats and plays back situations to his brother by acting them out. He begins by telling Owen what he said in a tone as close as possible to it’s original feeling and then changes back to his normal voice to say “and then mommy said…” and uses a completely different voice and tone to replay my response.

He is maturing so much and his vocabulary is pretty impressive. He seems to be a very sensitive little guy and really tries to understand people and situations. He gets upset easily and is more emotionally volatile than Owen was, but is also more willing to share and show concern for others. He is affectionate, but choosy about who he shares it with and has a strong sense of acceptance or rejection.

He is putting puzzles together and will sit by himself for long periods of time trying to conquer them. He has been tackling a 100 piece puzzle that is far too advanced for him several days in a row. He only gets a few pieces to match up but is not discouraged and keeps coming back for more.

In the picture above he is proudly posing (remind you of anyone else?) after completing a 24 piece puzzle that he got as an early Christmas gift from Amber and Madison. He put it together that night without help and I loved watching his concentration while he worked.

He’s fun to be around and though we are still dealing with potty training, I am learning where I need to let go and when I need to hold firmly. He loves to be funny and can make his older brother laugh, which makes him feel so, so good. He’s a great little Ivan.