Ivan, I Love You!!!

I have not updated on Ivan lately and maybe it’s because it seems like all I do is either take him to the bathroom or clean up after him when he doesn’t make it there. He is doing well with potty training as long as I am able to pay close attention. Isn’t that what parenting is? Paying close attention so our kids will do well? Unfortunately…there are days like yesterday, where my attention is forced elsewhere and Ivan had three minor accidents. I say minor because he only dampened his underwear and shorts…he still held it after he realized he had to pee, but only realized he had to pee after leaking a little. He is doing well over all and I’m still so tickled that he’s in underwear.

His little smiles and sensitive heart are why I wanted to post something today. When I say something loving to Ivan he tilts his head to one side and sort of gives me this look that says…”I know you love me mommy.” His little pursed lips and slightly squinted eyes all accenting a knowing smile are entirely too cute to not be touched by. When I’m close enough he’ll even put his hand on my cheeks affectionately and I know he believes that we are sharing something very special. And of course, we are.

This morning I had told the boys that they were being too rambunctious in the living room and I had to send them upstairs after their warning had not been heeded. Later, I was distracted by something and they returned to their previous location and activity while I was too preoccupied to do anything about it. Just before I could collect my wits and straighten all the broken lines, Ivan ran to my side, leaned up against me so sweetly and announced with gratitude and joy…”mommy! I having a gweat time wunning!”

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