Ivan has been doing very well at potty training and has also been using more and more phrases and expanding his communication efforts. Yesterday while getting ready for bed he decided that he wanted to be naked and referred to it as a lot of little boys will. “I be neked.” Once he had removed his clothes he spread his arms wide, thrust out his pelvis, smiled real big and said. “Look, I wear my neked.”

He has not been sleeping naked, and as long as he lives in a house with me, he will not be allowed to sleep naked, just in case you were wondering. He was allowed to sleep in Owen’s pajamas though since Owen left them laying in the middle of his floor.

Today the phrase of note has been, “I change my mind.” He says this with his little Ivan accent (hard to describe or imitate) and wears a very concerned look on his face as it comes out of his mouth. Sometimes, he will even put his hands up to his mouth like he’s worried about my response to this statement. He has used it about 5 times today and though he seems to use it in context to what’s going on around him I have determined that he really doesn’t know what he’s saying. After numerous questions as to what he would rather do or have instead of what is going on at the moment, he invariably has no response or continues to say “I change my mind” while shaking his head and/or shrugging his shoulders. It’s been cute today.

He’s a big strong boy and loves his brothers very much. I am enjoying his “coming out” as it were into this new world of communication and interaction.

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