You Happy Now

Ivan is talking. I mean non-stop! He took so long to really get in on the conversation but now he’s quite the communicator. He doesn’t get all of it and is still difficult to understand on occasion but most of the time I can tell what he wants or needs. Just now he was calling me saying…”mommy! aiger! mommy! aiger!” I said “tiger?” and he said “no aiger!” I stood up to see what he was referring to and he had a book with a picture of an alligator. So he was saying alligator.

Yesterday we were in the van on the way to Home Depot. I stopped at the traffic light and waited for it to turn green. I heard Ivan from the back saying…”why you top? why you top?” with his brow all furrowed. I explained that I stopped because when the light is red you are supposed to stop and let the other cars have a turn. “Oh” was his reply. I sat there and looked at him a few seconds and thought, how many times I had seen that furrowed brow but no question with it. It’s amazing how language can unlock doors for you.

This afternoon he picked up a toy that Aron dropped and as he handed it back to him he exclaimed in a very mommy like tone, “you happy now.” How similar he must feel to have a way to express himself beyond tears, points, grunts and raised eyebrows. You happy now Ivan?