The Way Ivan Sees It

I doubt that he will remember much about our trip to Florida and New Orleans but I enjoyed his perspective on all that he took in. At two and about 5 months Ivan is becoming very animated and fun to be around. His vocabulary is growing daily and I am understanding much more. He prays at bedtime and at dinner by repeating what we say and he pronounces almost all the syllables. He is slowly but surely relinquishing screams of frustration for words of request for help. He is becoming a big boy and I am enjoying it.

Today for the first time we are wearing big boy underwear. We have yet to make it to the potty but it’s only day one. He has seven pair of Elmo underwear that he picked out himself on Saturday. He is on pair number four right now.

He cracks us up in the car with his observations and the way he is insistent on what is happening around him. When he sees a train track he insists there is a train coming and will holler “Choo-choo” for a good 5 minutes. It’s too hard to describe the sound of his choo-choo. It sounds like a sick dog or something.

He loves doing whatever Owen is doing and if Owen laughs at him it is the biggest joy to him. He loves to please his big brother. He is also his own person in that if he strongly disagrees with Owen he will not bend. His will is strong and he is happy to play on his own if he cannot convince Owen to do what he’s doing.