I Hee it!

Ivan loves to point out the train tracks, or cain cacks as he refers to them. Saturday morning was no exception as we drove through Lakewood en route to Hendersonville to pick up Owen. He shouted from behind me, “Cain Cacks!” then as we crossed them he noticed where the tracks reappeared on the other side of a building on the other side of the road. “I hee it mommy! I hee it!” I acknowledged his discovery and said, “Yes, I see it too. I want you to say, ssssee it. SSSSS. I see it.”

There was a pause and I said again. “I see it.”

He quickly responded, “I hee it too.”

Oh well.

Full Sentences

He is still painfully hard to understand, but Ivan has officially graduated to full sentences in the last few weeks. Just a moment ago he came sliding down the stairs after his little Buzz Lightyear action figure. He grabbed the wayward toy and then turned to me. “Moey, Bu ah gow kar.” Which translates to “Mommy, Buzz fall down stairs.” That’s about the longest grouping of words I’ve heard him use. I’m finally noticing some patterns too. Like all “T” words start with the “K” sound…Train Tracks are Kane Kacks. All “S” and “F” words start with the “H” sound…Hello Sunshine is Hewo Hunhine, and Frog is Hog. All “D” words start with the “G” sound… Doggy is Goggy. This really does help me to understand him and though I don’t want to encourage the misuse of the sounds I do want to know what he’s saying. I usually repeat back to him what I think he said until I get it right and then he gets so excited. He wants so badly to be understood. Sweet little guy.