Ivan has developed a character trait that annoys me. It’s that stubborn refusal to do what is asked simply because it is asked. He will do what I demand, but not what I ask. Yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to take something to Aron’s room. He said no. I quickly rephrased and told him to take it to Aron’s room which he did without question. The rough part is when it’s something silly like making his motorcycle motion. It’s the cutest thing when he is headed somewhere and decides to ride his pretend motorcycle. He will put his hands up like they are on handlebars and make the vroom sound as he runs to his destination. Can I get him to do this so I can get a picture…no…of course not. Grrrr.

So…I’ll take pictures of what I can and share them with you but you will not get to see his motorcycle unless he happens to take a ride when I already have the camera on.

This morning he came down stairs to tell me that Aron was awake. “Baey ake” sounds a lot like belly ache but as I could hear the crying upstairs I knew what he meant. He loves it when I understand him. If I repeat back what he’s saying, he smiles and gets excited. If I say something different than what he’s trying to say, he frowns and shakes his head violently. “NO!” We’re getting there.

There is a particular toy that Owen wants and can’t afford. We encouraged him to pick out some toys to sell at LaDonna’s consignment sale to earn money toward the toy he wants. So…we have set these toys aside and suddenly they are the most popular toys in the house. I had to put a blanket over them to keep the eager hands from playing with them. After instructing the boys that the toys were to stay under the blanket I found Ivan like this:

One thought on “Character”

  1. Yes. . . I know the “no” answer when you phrase your desires in the form of a question. This is a common conversation in my house . . .

    ME – Madison, can you pick these up and take them to your room where they belong please? or Madison, can you go get naked and get ready for your bath please?

    MADDIE – In a minute. or Not right now. or I don’t want to. or I don’t feel like it right now.

    ME – I’m sorry, that sounded like a question, but it wasn’t. Get up and take these to your room now please! 🙂

    I know you’ll stick to your guns with him and he’ll be better for it. He’s a good boy with a will all his own. It’s a process to get that will in line with yours, but you’re the right (wo)man for the job!

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