“Hit Me”

Ivan has been putting more words together. Just this morning he has expressed himself with “Hit me” meaning Owen hit me, twice. I’m not anxious for him to tattle on his brother but it does help me to know why he’s crying. I think Owen has gotten away with a lot because Ivan couldn’t express what was happening.

Here are a few of the things he’s been saying much more clearly lately:
More pease – more please
mik – milk
Gat, gat, gat, gat, – God is great, and God is good.
Baey Cying – Baby Crying
Wackis – Watch This
Hug – Hug
Woey – Woody
Bu Ier – Buzz Lightyear
Oo iiee ah neon – To infinity and beyond
Hone – Phone
aipane – airplane (as he is pointing out in the picture)

He’s really entered that two year phase with his play and expression as well. Just as I remember Owen becoming so much more boyish at two I see it in Ivan as well. He’s making more noise, running into things head first, using sound effects, making guns with his fingers and toppling anything in his way…because that’s what boys do.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed learning about the dynamic of brotherhood is that brothers apologize differently than sisters. When I make them tell each other they are sorry, they immediately get mischievous grins on their faces and hug each other, only to use this position as a means to tackle each other to the ground in a pile of growls and giggles. This is apparently a ritual that brothers do as a sign of love and acceptance of one another. I try to make them apologize to each other for any little thing I can just so I can watch this happen.

Ivan is still climbing on the baby to comfort him and though it’s counterproductive he insists that this form of affection is the necessary means to make the baby stop “cying.”

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  1. Clay and Thadeus apologize the same way! They hug by running AT each other and then fall to the floor laughing. It’s so much fun!

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