Buds and Brothers

Ivan has finally produced the buds for his canine teeth. His week of runny nose and occasional fever were probably more of an indication of his teeth than a virus I am realizing.

Ivan is the middle child and as such is constantly at war with his desire to hang with big brother Owen or cuddle with little brother Aron. He will, I think, be best friends with little brother as they seem to light each other up when they catch each others eye. It’s pretty amazing how Ivan can be so rough with him at times and still produce such a gleam when he gets down to talk to him.

Ivan’s vocabulary is growing and he seems to be more and more clear every day. Yes, he is still difficult to understand but it’s amazing what I am catching in his garbled tongue.

This morning, Owen came running to me with this bit of news: “Mommy, Ivan is taking off his diaper and pee came out.” It would seem that Ivan had pulled his diaper away so that he could pee outside of it instead of in. I really think he’s ready to begin potty training but I can’t express to you how much I don’t want to get started. Mommy is going to have to face facts and get on with it. Ugh!

My Little Parrot

Owen: Mommy, watch this!

Ivan: Maey, waa di!

Owen: Mommy, can I watch cars today?

Ivan: Maey, waa car day?

Ivan has been repeating things, trying to tell me things and becoming more and more articulate. As you can see by my attempt to spell his utterances, he is still difficult to understand, and I don’t always know what he wants or needs, but he’s definitely improving and becoming more brave with his communication. Yesterday, he came running to me, grabbed my hand and tried to pull me away from the sink as he was yelling…”baey cry! baey cry!” He was trying to get me to pick up Aron who was crying in the other room.

What tickles me is his attempts to repeat what Owen says. Like a little echo after Owen speaks his words bounce right back and insist that we listen.