Decorating Cookies

Owen and Ivan got to decorate cookies tonight. We picked up these sugar cookies for about 1/2 price at Publix earlier today and decided it would be a fun thing to do. They donned their new aprons made by Tisra (so adorable) and started in. Ivan took a bite of the cookie before he ever got a tube of icing open. He would decorate, then eat, then decorate then eat. A two year old’s dream. Owen was a bit more careful, making his cookie look as much like a Christmas tree as his little hands were capable of. He was not so in love with his work that he hesitated to eat it. He smiled and held it up for the camera and then ate it. He made one for his daddy and his granddaddy too.

Nail Update

Ivan’s fingernail took a turn for the worse yesterday. When I picked him up from the nursery at church he was wearing a bandage. Apparently he had approached the teacher with the nail hanging on by a thread. She wasn’t sure what to do with it so she just taped it up. He removed the bandage sometime during lunch and wouldn’t keep another one on. Per Linda’s (my mother in law) advice I trimmed the nail down to just a smidgen where it was attached on the left side of his finger. The rest of the nail area is completely exposed. It looks red and sore but he doesn’t complain. I’ll keep the pictures to myself for now.