Injury Report

Yesterday, Ivan smashed his middle finger in a drawer. I kept thinking I should take a picture since his nail is bright purple but hadn’t yet done it until this morning. I was reading Tisra’s blog this morning and apparently Lael also had a mishap involving a pinched finger and darkened fingernail. Tisra mentioned that she felt the need to document and I decided that I too should post a picture of the afore mentioned injury with minor details as to what happened.

He was getting into things he shouldn’t have been in the living room and as it often is with Ivan, he paid for it before I could get to him and determine my own form of justice. Unfortunately for him the spanking wouldn’t have lasted as long as the poor purple finger will. Maybe the lesson will also last longer…maybe.

His finger was pinched as he tried to slam the drawer of the credenza shut before I caught him in the act of…well…having it open.


Tomorrow, Ivan will be two! He’s acting two in many ways already with his strong willed arguments and curiosity induced explorations into trouble. He doesn’t speak clearly but says just about everything in his garbled language. I wish I could put a sound clip on here of his interpretation of a train sound. It starts out with a very sick sounding whistle “uueehh, uueehh!” and then is followed by the chuga-chuga sound but it’s more of a gargling “legalegalega” when Ivan does it. It’s very hard to spell.

We had a family birthday party for Ivan while Granddaddy and Grandma were here. On Friday after Thanksgiving, the Bowen cousins all came over and we had lunch together along with some cake and ice cream.

To commemorate the actual date of his arrival tomorrow, we’ll meet daddy at Chick-fil-a on his way home from work and have some dinner and fun and then maybe do a little shopping. Ivan needs nothing for his birthday this year. He has more toys than he knows how to fight over and sufficient clothes for the season. However, he might enjoy getting a Christmas tree for his birthday since we haven’t picked one up yet. A birthday gift the whole family can enjoy.