I Love You Too

Ivan says just about everything but you can only understand about 20%. I was thrilled the other day though when he came scooting down the stairs, ran to my chair and over and over announced: “I u oo.” It took several times before I realized he was saying “I love you.” How sweet is that?

He is very affectionate and needs lots of pats and hugs and comfort throughout the day. It gets a little old from time to time because each little bump or scratch needs it’s own personal pat on the head before he can stop whining, but it is sweet none the less.

He is also extremely willful at times. Yesterday was a tough day. He was obstinate and stubborn about everything I asked or commanded. At one point I went outside to call him in and he looked at me and ran the other way. He received no less than 5 spankings in total yesterday, that incident being the hardest one. He and Owen both were exhausted by days end and went to bed early.

I was exhausted too. From trying to keep him out of trouble to rescuing him after he climbed the neighbors playground equipment and couldn’t get back down. I had been run a little ragged. He also kept me on my toes with chores around the house. He is so eager and proud of his ability to help mommy. But following instructions is quite beyond his strength. As I folded laundry he piled unfolded laundry on top of my folded piles, then knocked down my folded piles and I had to fold them again. It was a futile endeavor and I tried to remain patient with the little guy. I failed. He got yelled at eventually and banned from the room. He cried and I felt bad, but I couldn’t go on like that, and really, if he’s not listening to what I tell him it’s really not helping him to continue letting him get away with it. Even when he’s helping, he has to obey. Sad but true.

Regardless the sweet side of Ivan is what stands out. He’s over sensitive but he’ll grow out of that and hopefully the good part of his sensitivity will last him as he learns to control his actions and emotions. He’s going to be a great man someday.