Banana Boy

Ivan loves bananas. If he’s really hungry I can hand him one completely peeled and he puts it to his mouth like a squirrel and keeps chewing it until it’s completely gone. He asks for them at almost any time of day and even when he has just completed a filling meal. He doesn’t actually eat them at these times though. I think he just likes the way they feel in his hands. His eyes light up and he takes a small bite and then leaves it uneaten, which is sort of aggravating. I don’t give him bananas anymore unless I know he’s really hungry. They are a pretty fun fruit.

Ivan has also tried a lot more words. I’m not going to try to keep up with them and I’m certainly not going to try to spell his pronunciations because it’s too hard to do. He is really trying though and I’m grateful for the effort. He has always been a good communicator with his hands and facial expressions so words aren’t as important to him.