So Sweet

Ivan is a little hard on the house at times as most 20 month (as of today) toddlers are. He loves to drink out of the plastic water bottles we keep cold (refilled Gatorade bottles with the twist top lids). And we allow it most of the time because he’s drinking water and it’s fun. Every now and then he enjoys watching the water splash out of the top and though he enjoys the little show he gets very upset when he realizes he’s standing in water. Tonight he made a small puddle and then screamed his displeasure. I coaxed him out of his mess and once on dry ground he took off. I didn’t see him for a minute or two and then he came back with a wet wipe. He had picked up the box and taken it to the stairs, opened it and closed it, and then put it back in it’s place by the diapers. He very determinedly walked to the little mess he had made earlier and was about to bend over to wipe it up when he slipped in the water and nearly did the splits. He was very upset by this and in his tired state, also very discouraged. I quickly went to him and picked him up and enjoyed the little clingy thing he does when he’s really in need of comfort. His head on my shoulder, his arms stretched out and holding tight around my neck and shoulders with his fingers drumming out his little comfort tap. If I could bottle that, I would. I so enjoyed that he made the effort to clean up his mess and though he didn’t accomplish his goal he actually made it a pleasure for me to mop up myself.

He is speaking more and thinks through his little statements, often making them after the appropriate time. Tonight we went in to say good night to daddy and it was only after we got to his room and had his pajamas on that he burst out with “night-night”. He had two options for pajamas and when I asked if he wanted baseball or dinosaurs he said “bo ball” with conviction.

His whines and fits and cries are way too common but when that sweet little personality comes out and he’s ready to cuddle it melts away so much of the frustration. God certainly gave us a gem in our little Ivan.


Ivan can say cookie. He just did it. He didn’t want to be cleaned up after his sandwich and that means he wants more to eat. I offered a couple healthy options, but Owen quickly shouted “Pocky” which is a little cookie stick that I allow them from time to time. Ivan nodded his agreement but I only had one left and that just won’t work with two boys, so I offered a Girl Scout Thin Mint instead which we ration by keeping in the freezer. Frozen Thin Mints are the best! Ivan shouted, “Cookie!” and well, I just had to let the world know that he can say cookie.


Ivan said Apple today. He wanted something, kept pointing and I finally clued in to the jar of apples on the kitchen island. He assured me that is what he wanted and I almost asked him to say it for me but as tired as he was I wasn’t willing to hear his frustration at being asked to do something. So I smiled and got the knife to cut it up. He voluntarily said…”Ba-pol”…to which Owen and I cheered and clapped. He said it twice more, concentrating hard to get it out. We responded but he was intent and focused, never smiled, or seemed to respond to our cheering. He just wanted to get that word out. It was cute.

More Communication

Yesterday, as we climbed into the hot van after walking around the mall for a few hours, Ivan exclaimed, “Hi…Ott!” I turned to look and see what he meant and he said it again but moved his two syllables into one and said “Hot!” while pointing both index fingers to the arms of his car seat.

On Friday morning, we went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast before Kris hit the road for work. It was so nice and relaxing to sit there with the family at the beginning of the day and I hope we can do more of that. The boys played in the playground for a while and were expectant and hopeful that the Chick-fil-A cow who they had noticed in the parking lot would eventually come say hello to them. The cow was working down on the street motioning cars to come in and enjoy chicken biscuits. Sure enough, the cow had to come in for a break and made a point to visit my two boys in the playground before going back out in the heat. They both smiled and waved but wouldn’t get close to him, her, whatever it is. Finally, Ivan lets out a long low “MOOOO!” and points with excitement at the cow. He stood there and did his little excitement shiver where his movement is almost imperceptible but he’s all tightened up at the neck and shoulders quivering with joy. It cracks me up.

He is expressing with words a lot more which is fun, but still very difficult to understand. He communicates so well with his face and hands that it’s sometimes easier for me if I just ask him to point to what he wants. I’m probably adding to the problem this way, but sometimes I gotta’ know! Not that it’s a problem. He’s only 19 months old, I’m enjoying every bit of his “babyness”. In fact I’m having a hard time with his growing independence. Maybe I should have another baby.

There are a few words that he knows but refuses to say unless he chooses to say them on his own. Do not expect Ivan to follow verbal commands to talk. He will tuck his chin to one side and act sheepish, or he’ll just shake his head no and walk away. I don’t know why I continue asking, it’s futile and you can’t force a kid to cooperate with stuff like that. On his own though, he will talk and he’s getting more adept at it each day. I can’t wait to hear what’s on his mind.