More Words

I get excited every time I recognize a word from Ivan. Today I had the “TV” on as he ate breakfast. A news clip showed the traffic report with pictures of the interstates. Ivan squealed and said “car.” Then he started squeezing his nose and said “beep, beep.”

He loves to “talk” on the phone. I hear little words but most of the time it sounds like grunts. He definitely says “hewo” and “ba-ba” which is hello and bye-bye if you can’t tell. He acts like he’s really listening to someone, nodding his head and rolling his eyes between words. Very fun.

I am realizing how enjoyable it is to watch him develop this. Owen was so quick about it, almost as if he were born talking, while Ivan has given me an anxiousness about it that makes it more exciting to watch.

2 thoughts on “More Words”

  1. He will get there! He is just as smart as Owen. I can’t wait to see his little personality develop!

  2. How sweet! Every kid is different on the talking meter. Amanda was speaking in complete sentences by 20 months- “Look Mommy, Christmas lights!”. And Chloe was much slower at it BUT now she talks non-stop. I actually try to leave the radio on in the car to keep her from talking incessantly.

    Ivan is just fine- and super cute! I’m sure he’ll be jabbering your ear off in no time.

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