18 Months

Ivan is 18 months today! He’s walking great, eating great, teething, drooling and into things. He’s a happy fellow, most of the time, and as I type is napping sweetly in his bed after a long day yesterday and bit of interrupted sleep out in a tent last night.

He had his first homemade Jello-pop this week and enjoyed it thoroughly. See picture to the left. He will try almost anything and isn’t afraid of a little spice.

He is learning to play with Owen a little more, he follows him around and tries to do almost everything he does. Owen gets a little annoyed at times but usually is happy for the company. Just a moment ago Owen pulled a few toys out and laid them in a neat row on the floor announcing that he was “leaving these here for me and Ivan.” Owen does tend to push Ivan around a little and Ivan doesn’t complain too much. He is beginning to answer physically though, pushing back and forcefully moving into Owen’s space if he feels that he’s in any way being left out. Owen will have a lot to contend with if he doesn’t learn to make friends with the little guy now.

The next few months will be quite interesting as Ivan will be adjusting to some changes coming in the form of a new brother. The first step will be adjusting to new sleeping arrangements as we will be taking his bed from him very soon. First we have to figure out what we will do for his new bed. Should they share the queen or do we buy bunk-beds? Any thoughts?

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