Food the Great Speech Motivator

Ivan loves food. He would eat almost constantly if I let him and likes most of what I put in front of him. He will do what it takes to get it and I’ve been using this to my advantage. Yesterday, he wanted some cheese. I insisted that he say “cheese” before I give it to him and after a little coaxing he smiled and said “gese!”. I applauded and gave him several slices. Later, he made it clear through pointing and grunting that he would like an apple. Again, I insisted on hearing the request and with much effort he was able to come up with “pul!” And again he was rewarded handsomely. I think he does try to talk now and then but it’s almost as if there is a time delay between when he wants to say something and actually getting it out of his mouth. As if he has to think through the syllables before he can form them. I’m sure this will change with practice and it makes me happy that he’s making as much effort as he has been lately.

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