What Ivan is Up To

Ivan is getting more and more aggressive in his desire to walk. Now and then I see him voluntarily taking a few steps to reach short distances. He is still very unbalanced and finds it difficult to stay up very long but seems to enjoy the challenge regardless. He will be 16 months in two days and is right on track with big brother in terms of learning to walk at the same point.

Ivan is very affectionate and his sweet hugs and very wet kisses are more and more frequent. He tries to copy so much of what Owen does and says and giggles at most of his big brother’s attempts to entertain. He understands most of what we say to him and has learned how to obey commands though not 100% of the time. He has realized he can hold his hands together when we pray at dinner time and that it pleases everyone around him. He is happy a good portion of the time and quite expressive when he’s not happy. He is a good eater, I know I’ve mentioned that before, but it’s worth repeating as he is highly motivated by almost anything edible.

I am sure that with the soon to be walking Ivan we will have much to learn about his character and abilities.

Fabric Lover

I looked down this morning and found Ivan with his hand just inside the hem of my robe using it to rub his eyes. He loves to touch his face with fabric. It’s very sweet and I need to get a picture of it. Unfortunately, it’s usually my clothing he’s using to rub his nose or eyes, making it difficult to run for the camera.


Ivan continues to reveal his personality as he explores and learns to communicate. This morning while I took my bath he got into the tea box. I heard him crying as I was preparing to go downstairs. As I was coming down I saw this mess surrounding him as he reached for the last box of tea still in the big box on the shelf. He was crying because he couldn’t reach it to throw it to the floor.

Once I got some breakfast out for the boys I sat down to feed Ivan but as has been his habit of late he cried with each bite and reached for the spoon. He was making it nearly impossible to feed him and I finally gave in to his determination allowing him to feed himself. What a mess! It really didn’t take that long to clean up, just peel the pajamas off and wipe everything else down with a wet cloth.