So Much to Cry About

It seems like Ivan has been sick every other weekend. He hasn’t missed a lot of church but it is always a question whether or not we should go and I know that a lot of it has to do with the stage we are in and getting more teeth. This morning I rocked him for about 15 minutes after he got up and held his fevered head up on my shoulder and prayed for him. There is nothing more frustrating I think, in this stage of parenting, than to be unable to make it better. Of course I know who can, and of course I’ve stood on the Word that speaks so clearly that he is well and whole and healed. But it is also a test of patience I think, as I rest not only in the knowledge of God’s power over sickness but God’s plan for Ivan. The fact that sickness now provides immunity later and if I can be strong and not falter during these times, I can also provide an atmosphere of peace that will not fail him or me in future trials. I strongly believe that if I do not react with fear and worry over my children’s trifles, no matter how seriously it bothers me at the time, they will have a greater foundation for handling life’s battles in years to come. So I rock, and I sing, and I pray, but I – will – not – fear. Psalm 46:1-3

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