Attempts at Communication

Ivan has been trying harder to talk. I hear him repeating syllables and sounds more frequently and with more accuracy lately. Just a moment ago he was in the high chair and pointed down and said “gah!”

I said, “do you want down?”

He pointed again and said “dah!”

It doesn’t sound like much but I am proud of his effort. Yesterday, he tried to say ball “bah!” and lately when he wants food he says “eeeh!” I don’t know if that’s please or eat but I’m enjoying his very different progress from the things Owen did. It’s been so fun to learn with each one.

Unfortunately he’s also been sick today. He spilled the graham crackers in the Stein Mart parking lot just before I put him in the van…thank God it was before and not after. Then again in his crib a little while ago. He doesn’t act very sick but I’m trying to keep him still and satisfied with bland foods. He still wants to eat. I guess that’s good.

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