Ivan Tries to Talk

Ivan has been pretty comfortable in his vocabulary free existence but I am noticing some attempts at words more and more lately. Kris set up an aquarium in the kitchen and told me that Ivan was trying to say “fish”, he got the “f” sound out. He says “bye-bye” but it sounds more like “nye-nye” or “lye lye” maybe a combination of those. He said “daddy” the other day and though he isn’t consistent he can say “mommy” as well. I think we’ll probably hear whatever version of “Owen” he will adopt soon because he is beginning to follow the poor boy around and tries desperately to play with him. This morning I was changing his diaper and said “Oooh, full diaper!” with the oooh coming out in a high pitched tone. He immediately responded with his own high pitched squeal followed by “pah” which I assume was his attempt at saying diaper. It’s not much but I was excited for him.

He is also showing interest in walking but is not in a big hurry. He loves to be walked with as I hold up his hands and allow him to direct me where he wants to go. He is also getting up on his hands and knees and then extending his legs so that he is on his hands and feet. I suppose this will soon lead to being hands free. Who knows what will happen then.