Ivan Strikes Back

Owen has done very well regarding jealousy toward Ivan and the attention I must divide between them. Other than the occasional request to be held when it is obvious that I am busy with Ivan he has been pretty tolerant. Yesterday and today however, Ivan has taken on the role of possessive brother and begun pushing his way around.

The boys both wake up around 6:30 normally and Owen will often come to my room and try to crawl into bed with me if he gets up first. I usually allow this and cuddle with him until we hear the cry from the crib announcing that Ivan is up. The past couple of mornings it has been Ivan that wakes first and I am up and heading toward his crib when Owen greets me in the hall or outside the bathroom. I am usually very tired and this morning was no exception as both of them had me up several times in the night with bad dreams or bad coughs. I sat on the couch both boys in tow and cradled them both as best I could. This allows them to snuggle and I can sit still and even close my eyes for a few minutes before really digging into the day. Ivan will usually lay his head on my shoulder and rest still while Owen wrestles about talking and fidgeting constantly. Yesterday morning as Owen was trying to get comfortable. Ivan turns his head toward him and gets a bit of an angry look and then thrusts his hand toward Owen’s head and pushes him away. Owen and I were both a bit shocked and I chastised him a bit. This morning he did it again and seemed to be quite determined to get big brother off of mommy so that he could have her to himself. I had to really get on to him and of course before it was over they were both crying. I guess my snuggly mornings will be over soon but it was fun while it lasted.