Birthday Party

While in Florida we decided to celebrate Ivan’s birthday. He will actually turn 1 on Wednesday of this week but since we were close to the date and spending time with family it made sense to go ahead and have a little party.

After diving into the cake and getting all that sweet frosting in his mouth, Grandma put a strawberry on top of what was left of the cake. Ivan took the bait immediately and this was the result.

I would never have guessed how sour that strawberry tasted, nor would I have imagined anyone could sustain a pucker as long as he did. We could not stop laughing. Poor baby.


Ivan has been trying to communicate lately. Over the past couple of weeks he has perfected Mama, uh eh (uh oh) and Dada. He repeats syllables and sounds but you have to really be paying attention to even realize he’s doing it. I especially notice him repeating Owen. I love hearing his little gibberish and expect to have lists and lists of attempted words for you to read soon.

He is not walking yet and we are still working on getting some teeth. The two on the bottom are the only ones that have appeared. He will be one year next Wednesday and it is hard to believe the little guy is that old. I think he’s absolutely adorable and still such a baby. The longer he continues to scoot around on his belly, the better.