He sat there with his hands full of veggie puffs staring straight ahead as if he were waiting for the yummy snack to move from his fingers to his mouth automatically. He had done this before…”let’s see, the process is…load the hands…then load the mouth…why isn’t this working?” Until Owen took the pacifier out of his mouth he could not eat. He just kept sucking and holding his hand up there. He didn’t complain just sat patiently waiting for the obstruction to go away.

Two Teeth

I do not have pictures of them because he is insistent on keeping his bottom lip over them but Ivan does have two teeth coming through. The second one started breaking through about two days after the first one.

He has also started waving. It’s not on command but now and then his hand will just rise up, like he’s waiting to be called on in class and when we wave at him he’ll flap it up and down…that’s waving right?

His hair is getting longer and starting to stick up in the mornings when he wakes up. He looks pretty rough. His hair is sticking in all directions, red face, drool and sleepy in his eyes. He’ll be in his crib screaming and when I walk in, he turns all that beauty toward me and smiles real big. The nasty just melts away.

We are trying to get him to say “Dada” since he makes the sound anyway. He will often repeat it back to us but until yesterday I never heard him come close to “Mama”. Yesterday afternoon he was tired of being in his walker and started yelling “mamamamamamama!” So, we’re close.

First Tooth

I finally see the little white peaks of that first tooth coming through. Ivan has shown signs of teething for quite a while but until last week I couldn’t see any proof. He also stood up in his crib for the first time yesterday. He had been taking a nap and when I heard him cry and went to get him he had the biggest grin on his face and was standing at the end rail hanging on for dear life. We made him wait while Kris snapped pictures and he enjoyed every moment of it.