9 Months

Ivan is 9 months old today. I’m just now seeing the beginnings of teeth coming through. Owen waited as long to get teeth so it is no surprise for us. We have a 9 month well visit at the doctor’s office on Thursday so I’ll be sure to update his official report at that time, but unofficially he’s doing just fine.

He gets around very well, not technically crawling but the “up on all fours and dive forward” approach is serving him well for now. He has been eating Cheerios in the nursery at church I found out yesterday. I didn’t think they gave snacks to the kids who didn’t have teeth yet but apparently he’s been scavenging off the floor so they decided to put him at the table to avoid that scenario. I have tried giving him several things by spoon and so far he doesn’t like anything. Maybe it’s the spoon. He is saying Dada and all sorts of other little gibberish and seems to really enjoy taking in his surroundings. He especially likes to watch Owen do silly things. He is all giggles when Owen purposely runs into walls and falls down. This of course encourages the abuse to the walls and cupboards around the house. He does tend to be a bit clingy but he’s fun to hold and I won’t complain. His smile is absolutely adorable and his eyes give very intense looks.

Check back for more on this little bundle of energy we call Ivan.