Sitting Up

Ivan SittingFor a few days now I have been putting Ivan in a sitting up position to let him play. Each day he holds himself up longer and longer. Today, he was quite the pro sitting at his play mat grabbing at things, looking around and remaining upright. He sat for so long he started crying because he was tired. I realized that he was stuck…he couldn’t let himself down without falling over.
Ivan Sitting
Owen has been more and more attentive to his little brother lately. He asks for him, lets me know when he’s crying, helps me with diaper changes and loves to retrieve fallen pacifiers. He will sing to him if he’s lonely, talk to him if it makes him laugh and generally entertain him with his play. Ivan thinks Owen is the greatest thing since sliced bread…there is a very obvious gleam in his eye when he watches his big brother do things.

One thought on “Sitting Up”

  1. He looks like a proud little guy. And I think he always has a gleam in his eye- seriously he’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met.

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