ExersleeperTisra handed over their much used Exersaucer a while back with apologies as to it’s lack of fun attachments. No need for apology as Ivan loves what is available. I can count on at least 30 minutes of playtime when I put him in this thing. On Saturday I fed him and dropped him in it…he played for a while and then I noticed that there was no noise coming from the play room. Sure enough…he had fallen asleep. He began stirring soon after and I quickly transitioned him to a bed, but it was too cute not to snap a picture.

Sitting Up

Ivan SittingFor a few days now I have been putting Ivan in a sitting up position to let him play. Each day he holds himself up longer and longer. Today, he was quite the pro sitting at his play mat grabbing at things, looking around and remaining upright. He sat for so long he started crying because he was tired. I realized that he was stuck…he couldn’t let himself down without falling over.
Ivan Sitting
Owen has been more and more attentive to his little brother lately. He asks for him, lets me know when he’s crying, helps me with diaper changes and loves to retrieve fallen pacifiers. He will sing to him if he’s lonely, talk to him if it makes him laugh and generally entertain him with his play. Ivan thinks Owen is the greatest thing since sliced bread…there is a very obvious gleam in his eye when he watches his big brother do things.

Sniffle, Cough, Sneeze and Giggle

Ivan seems to have a cold. I hope that’s all it is. The way his eyes are watering I’m a little concerned that he has allergies. Do babies get allergy symptoms?

He’s been very good about it and I’ve had him all over the place as I go about my busy days. Friday he had a slight fever and acted a little uncomfortable but seemed better by the evening so we went to dinner at the Button home as planned. Their girls were showing signs of having the same thing anyway so we shared the love. Yesterday, I had a bridal shower to go to and I had the best time. I walked in with Ivan and got all sorts of affirmative greetings from the other women. Ivan was passed around the room and though he was a little sniffly he had a wonderful time. He was absolutely perfect in terms of behavior and giggled through his sniffles with pleasure. I sat next to a woman who used to attend church with us and while catching up she ministered to me so sweetly. She was so encouraging about me and my boys and how blessed we are and told me so confidently that she saw a great man of God in my little Ivan. I knew that…but it sure is nice to hear it. Ivan was good through church this morning too and got through service without incident. In terms of him feeling poorly…tonight was probably the worst, and it turned out to be just fine in the end. We went to the mall and played Glowgolf. It’s an indoor miniature golf course with black light and glowing features. Not exactly a great course but interesting and fun for a small group. We went with our Sunday school class and Ivan was doing great until he got hungry. That led to a chain of events that weren’t remarkable but were somewhat frustrating for mommy.

I gave him a cold bottle because there was nowhere to heat water. He drank all but about two oz. He fussed and was not easily pacified so I got in close and took a whiff…sure enough…smelly diaper. I walked down to the family restroom where I discovered his little shirt was all wet. Not from the diaper but rather from his bottle and drool. He’s congested so he pulled the bottle out a lot and he was just soaked. So…I looked in the special “extra clothes pocket” in the diaper bag and realized I had nothing he could wear because he had needed an extra outfit during church this morning. The only thing in my “extra clothes pocket” was a dirty shirt. No good. I remembered the Glowgolf place was right across from Gymboree and I headed that way. I asked the girls at the counter for some assistance and explained my dilemma. They were so sweet. One girl in particular searched quickly and efficiently for something on the sale racks and pulled out about four outfits that were very cute and the right size but even on sale they were all over $10.00. I suddenly felt caught in a trap. How do I tell this very helpful girl that she’s wasting her time on me? I just wasn’t going to spend $10.00 on a shirt I didn’t have to have long term. Ivan has plenty of clothes. I suddenly had the queerest notion that I wanted to be at Wal-Mart. Strange. Anyway…she suddenly pulled out a long sleeved onesie type shirt and said…this has long sleeves but it will be really cheap. I said how cheap and she looked it up. $3.99. Sold. Relief. So I changed the boy’s shirt and headed back to my golf game. I caught up with the rest of our little gang and Kris and I took turns handing Ivan back and forth to each other to keep him happy while we tried to play. I was frustrated. Not with Ivan at all…he couldn’t help that he felt bad. I was just frustrated with the situation. I don’t like being in situations where I feel like I’m dancing between two scenario’s of annoyance for the people around me. I could either leave him in the stroller and let him wail in misery (and he was miserable), I could pack up the boys and insist that we had to get them home, breaking up the get together that we were supposed to be leading, or I could stick it out, do my dance and hope the crowd would be understanding. So, I danced. Part of the problem, at least for me, was the heat in the room and the fact that it was before dinner. By the time we were back in the more comfortable part of the mall I felt much better about all of it. Dinner helped too and by the time we left I only remembered a very nice evening with new friends. I seriously felt like we had had a great evening.

When we got home I fed him again and put him to bed where he is sleeping peacefully though a little loud from his congestion. Poor baby. He has remained happy as usual and smiled for me so sweetly tonight after I fed him. What a great kid.

My Loud Son

I had a conversation with Chele’ Sterban the other day regarding our baby boys. Her Nikolas is just a few weeks older than Ivan. I was talking about the differences in Owen and Ivan and she said that one of the Nursery workers had even mentioned the huge contrast. Apparently Ivan is the loudest baby in the infant room when he gets upset. Most of the time he is pretty calm but when he’s hungry and begins wailing for the liquid satisfaction he picks up quite the volume. This was told Chele’ with the final words being…”Owen wasn’t like that.”

This is very true, Owen hardly ever cried at all…in fact…when I would pick Owen up in the nursery, the volunteer workers would come to the door all aflutter, praising my quiet and sweet little boy. Insisting that they could easily take him home with them and praising me for my incredible ability to produce such a good baby, they would stand and gush while the parents of those other babies waited behind me rolling their eyes in disgust. I think part of me took it seriously…that somehow his quiet demeanor was credited to me. Now I know better. I have tried very hard to give Ivan as much love and attention that Owen received and to allow him times of crying it out just as I did Owen. Balancing his times of my attentive presence with those times that I have to leave him alone so that I can clean or play with Owen. Yet, his need for attention and his insistence on screaming when he’s hungry are furious and ferocious. He is his own little man, and will not be placed in any mold occupied by anyone before him. When I pick Ivan up from the nursery someone hands him to me and most of the time they don’t even look me in the eye. “Here’s your baby, did you get your bag?” “Please don’t leave anything you’ll have to come back for.” This is my interpretation…not actual quotes.

Poor Ivan doesn’t command the affections of his caretakers the way Owen did but my suspicions are that he will soon overtake his brother in the entertainment field. Ivan is incredibly quick to laugh. He loves to smile and be smiled at, he looks at you waiting for a smile and then giggles when he gets it. He loves to be surprised and his eyes sparkle when anyone is willing to sit and play with him. He is strong and aggressive and full of determination. Right now he is waking up and giving those lungs a work out to let me know it’s time to eat. Better go.