6 Months

6 monthsIvan was 6 months on Monday. We had our 6 month well visit at the Dr.’s office today and he received a good report. He is 16 lb and 10 oz., and is 27 inches long. This is nearly three pounds heavier and 2 inches longer than his last visit three months ago. This puts him in a lower percentile than he was three months ago for weight and height and indicates his growth has slowed down a bit but nothing to worry about.

He is rolling over as previously posted and is almost sitting up on his own. He topples over after about 20 seconds but is doing really well at balancing himself for little bits at a time and playing with his toys.

He’s a good baby and is sleeping well, eating well, and generally making us all smile. Owen is getting excited about his progress and is looking forward to the time that he can really play with him.

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  1. I’m going to save that picture for every time I need a good laugh. The look on his face is somewhere between angelic and John Malkovich-strangeness! What is it about him and Tad? They both exude a sense of fun.

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