Over and Back Again

Ivan rolled over to his tummy for the first time today. He first rolled from his tummy to his back in April and has been all but rolling back to his tummy until now. I missed it of course. I was out mowing the yard and had left him on his play mat on his back. As I approached the living room windows with the lawnmower I decided to take a peek inside and see if he was still awake. He looked asleep but when I lifted Owen up to see we saw him moving and he looked over at us as if he was really confused by the picture in front of him. The next time around the house I peeked again and this time he was rolled over onto his tummy. Wow…that made me wonder if I would be able to find him when I was able to get back into the house. The third time around I checked one last time to see him soundly sleeping. So he is officially rolling over and back, and just a hair inside of 6 months.

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