The Big Roll Over

Ivan rolled over for the first time last night. I had been watching him squirm around earlier in the day and thought I might get to witness his first roll, but he was lying on his back and though he was very close to it, he never actually made the transition to his tummy. Then when it was bedtime I had wrapped him in his blanket and laid him on my bed on his tummy. I was at the computer so I wasn’t looking at him. He started fussing and I ignored it for a while and when I finally looked, he was on his back. He has officially started rolling over. Now I have to watch him more closely, can’t just leave him on the couch on a blanket. He is very strong and can be very determined. He has also started playing with toys. This is something I looked forward to. He started reaching for things just before we left for Florida (April 2nd) and has been learning how to use his hands to get things to his mouth. He is making good progress. I expect that he will be able to hold his own bottle soon as well. Next he’ll be crawling and getting in to everything. It’s not a scenario I look forward to, but I can’t help being excited for him regardless of the inconvenience to myself.

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