Ten Hours

The BIG NEWS for today is that Ivan slept 10 hours last night. Woo Hoo!

I bought him a different bottle and he seems to really like it. I give him as much as he’ll take at night around 8:00 and then put him down around 8:30. He’s drinking more since I switched bottles and then seems to be sleeping longer as a result. He also cried for about 20 minutes last night after he laid down. I think that contributed because he gets so worn out from yelling. He was asleep when I laid him down but woke up screaming and I was in the bathtub so I didn’t run to his side. By the time I was done with my bath he was sleeping peacefully. I still didn’t sleep that whole time because I’m used to waking up around 4:00 and I kept thinking I heard him. I am not complaining…I will get used to him sleeping and that won’t be an issue. That’s of course assuming he continues to sleep that long. I sure hope so.