Chubby Baby

Ivan is getting bigger. I know…that’s normal. I weighed him on Saturday and he has reached 12 lbs. His little belly is so nice and round and his legs actually have little rolls on them. Owen never got quite that fat so I’m sort of enjoying the difference in my little boys.

Yesterday he hit the two months mark and tomorrow will be officially 9 weeks. He is becoming more and more animated as you will see in the pictures below, these were taken on Saturday the 28th…

hand and leg Foot face face 2 laughing 1 laughing 2 face 3 face 4 sneezing face 5

He Laughs

Ivan laughed today. I had laid him on the bed while I was folding laundry near him and he was crying hysterically. I let it go for a little while but was soon overwhelmed by his wails and picked him up. Almost immediately he stopped crying and soon another noise was coming out. It took me a moment to register what I was hearing and look down but when I did, I couldn’t help but giggle a bit myself. He was beaming and laughing. It was sort of a mixture of cooing and giggling including that sound little kids make when they are laughing hard and suck in a bunch of air to breath. It was too cute.

6 Weeks

Ivan at 6 weeks Ivan is 6 weeks today. I weighed him this morning and he is 10 1/2 lbs. My growing boy is contentedly lying on his tummy on a blanket on my bed right now. He just lost his pacifier so screaming will soon fill the room. He is definitely more orally fixated than Owen was. They are so different and yet both have been good babies. Ivan didn’t sleep as well last night waking every three hours like clockwork and keeping me from the rest I’d hoped to get. However, I am glad that it isn’t more than that and that he quickly went back to sleep after his tummy was satisfied.

I spoke to Kathy Williams this morning and she will contact me later today to schedule our 6 week appointment. She has been very busy with babies, Christmas and her daughter’s wedding so I have not been in a hurry to contact her about our healthy baby and his healthy mom.


Ivan in his swingI know it’s early to claim that he’s smiling and there is no way to catch them on film, but honestly there is a lot more action going on in his face. He’s definitely recognizing and responding more. I love it. Just this morning he smiled at least three times and I won’t pretend to think that they were all in response to my kisses but it sure was sweet to see them. He is also using his sweet little voice more to coo and talk to me.

He’s eating well and has definitely gained weight though I haven’t weighed him to see how much. I will do that again soon…maybe at 6 weeks I’ll try to update his numbers.

2:00 a.m. and 29/11

Ivan and ThadeusIvan has been sleeping well. He seems to wake up at 2:00 a.m. no matter what time he goes to bed which if early enough has allowed me over 4 hours of sleep in that first stretch. I’m very proud of our little man.

Last night we had a late Christmas get together with dad, the Halls and the Bowens. Joel had to work and of course Kathy was in Michigan so it wasn’t the whole family but it was most of the grandkids. Ivan did well and made his rounds into the arms of his aunts and his grandpa. He got a cute book from the Bowens by Max Lucado called “A Hat for Ivan“. Which I thought was very cute and even appropriate as the book is about following God’s plan for your life and God’s plan for Ivan’s life has been something on my mind since I was pregnant. With Owen I had this confidence of God’s purposes for Owen but with Ivan it was different until God spoke to me and said…I have a plan for this one too. Also, Jeremiah 29:11 has been a verse that seems to be a theme for Ivan. While I was pregnant it came to mind more than once, highlighted by a song based on the verse that our choir learned during that time. Also…he was born on November 29th which is 11/29 or in Europe 29/11. Silly? Maybe, but things like that have always been little reminders to me that God has his eye on the details even more so than I do. It was a nice night and the kids seemed to have a good time together.

Kris and I bought matching shirts for all the boys and we got pictures of them all. I want to frame a nice one for dad, maybe for Father’s Day. It’s nice to see them all getting old enough to play together. Becky’s ready to have little Faith and I’m excited to see what happens with that. She and Ivan will be close in age and grow up in church together. It should be fun once again to have cousins the same age.


Ivan SleepingIvan and Owen are officially roommates. On Friday night (December 30) Kris’ family was gone and we turned the boy’s bedroom back into the boy’s bedroom. Owen got his sheets washed and the plastic guard put back on his mattress as well as the rail on the side of his bed and Ivan was given the opportunity to prove himself by sleeping in the crib. Both boys slept beautifully and Ivan has been doing great with longer periods of sleep during the night. Last night I fed him at 10 p.m., 2 a.m. and then in the morning at 6 a.m. just before the alarm went off. I was very pleased and felt very rested this morning. I’m hoping we can continue this trend. Owen has also done well. He doesn’t wake up when Ivan cries or when I switch the light on so I can change Ivan’s diaper. Kris and I are much relieved to have them out of our room which was the temporary arrangement while Kris’ family was here. I don’t think we’ll ever try that again.